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I wanted to make this page really simple for people that are looking to have a private home or office manicure. I have worked all around miami with incredible people. I’ve been a resident in salons in Fisher Island, Miami Beach hotels, Brickell among others.

I have been working by referral for a really long time but have noticed there is nothing online to let people know that there are people like me who can come to you.

I understand we all have busy routines and its my goal to make yours less busy by saving you the time of going and coming back to the salon.

I do Manicure and Pedicure. I have a specialty for those people suffering from ingrown nails.

Shellac mani and pedi is something that everyone talks about nowadays. If you’ve never tried it, then you should. It makes a big difference in how you feel and how people perceive you in social gatherings and at work.

Gift Certificates available. Se habla Español.

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  •   I have always dreaded having to go to the salon to get my mani and pedi done because I am a bit of a germophobic and it is always a hit or miss.

    Luckily for me I was able to find Marlen! She is always very timely, all of the tools she uses are very clean and she uses a discardable plastic container to soak your feet.  On top of all, she is quite a perfectionist! She will not admit the tiniest mistake because she'll start all over again just to make it perfect. Now I look forward to my mani and pedi appointment with Marlen in the comfort of my own home,  and having a great conversation with Marlen amd my mom - who is also a client!

    thumb Diana M.

      Marlen is a professional! She is a perfectionist and makes me feel pampered.
    Very punctual and on time! TXT me days before the one time she had a conflict and we quickly rescheduled for an earlier time the same day. Excellent mani and pedi - looking forward to my next appointment. The fact that Marlen comes to my own home is a real timesaver!

    thumb Catharina H.
  •   Marlene just left one minute ago and I am already writing a review. We are visiting Miami for my sister's bachelorette. My sister needed a mani pedi and scheduled Marlen. After seeing what an amazing job she did the rest of us decided to get our feet buffed. I wish I had taken before and after pics. I had just got a pedicure a day ago and was left with dry, cracked skin. Thanks to Marlen I now have smooth feet. I wish we could take her to Cali with us. She is amazing. Don't think twice and aches with her.

    thumb Megna S.

      I unfortunately had a bad experience with Marlen.  A good friend/co-worker of mine was having a baby end of March, so I bought her a gift certificate at the end of January as a gift for Marlen to go to her home sometime after the baby was born to do a gel mani and a pedicure. When I received the gift certificate via text, it had a March expiration and I let her know that it wouldn't be in March, it would at least be April but of course I wasn't really sure when my friend would be up to using it, would it be be ok if a little after? Marlen said no worries (see attached).  Well my friend called for the service about a week ago - so 6 months after I purchased the gift certificate. Still a reasonable time frame in my opinion.  It doesn't really make sense to me why there would be such a short expiration to begin with.  I even included 20% gratuity for the service on the gift certificate which I know my friend would have given more on top of that - and also would have referred many others to Marlen as she is a very busy career professional and interacts with many like herself on a daily basis.  Marlen told her that it was expired so she could not do the service. My friend told me that she even had to get her husband on the phone to demand a refund as this was not a fair thing to do.  I then received a text from Marlen saying that she was very clear that she told me May at the latest - which she didn't.  But regardless she said to avoid problems she would be returning my money, which she did - so for that I am thankful.  However she said thanks for teaching her a lesson, she will no longer be doing gift certificates.  Again, this does not make sense to me as I paid for the service with gratuity, why such a big deal that it wasn't going to be until 6 months after?  Obviously having a baby is a big deal and I couldn't predict when my friend would be ready to use it post baby but knew it would be at least before she returned back to work after maternity leave, which she just returned back today.  Again, I am thankful that Marlen did the right thing and refunded me the money, but I am very disappointed as I was so excited for my friend to receive what I imagined would be such an awesome experience.

    thumb Diane L.