Manicure & Pedicure at home

Get your nails done at home in
(Boca Raton, Broward, Miami Beach and Coral Gables)

I wanted to make this page really simple for people that are looking to have a private home or office manicure. I have worked all around miami with incredible people. I’ve been a resident in salons in Fisher Island, Miami Beach hotels, Brickell among others.

I have been working by referral for a really long time but have noticed there is nothing online to let people know that there are people like me who can come to you.

I understand we all have busy routines and its my goal to make yours less busy by saving you the time of going and coming back to the salon.

I do Manicure and Pedicure. I have a specialty for those people suffering from ingrown nails.

Shellac mani and pedi is something that everyone talks about nowadays. If you’ve never tried it, then you should. It makes a big difference in how you feel and how people perceive you in social gatherings and at work.

Gift Certificates available. Se habla Español.

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Feet pedired nails

Reviews Yelp*

  •   Marlen was on time and well prepared with everything she would need. She tolerated my 1 year old sitting on my lap during the pedicure, and was very easy to talk to and feel comfortable with. I will definitely use her again!!

    thumb Ciera F.

      Marlen thank you for doing a great job. My foot didn't heart anymore and I was able to enjoy my hiking vacation! She is amazing for medical pedicure, very detailed and precise

    thumb Sissi A.
  •   Marlene is a FANTASTIC Manicure and podologist.
    She comes to your home, has all the propper equipment and made my nails long lasting, breaking less, stronger and gorgeous(with her magnificent products).
    The one time I was sad was when she left for vacation and I have not found someone better. She travels from Brickell to Aventura.

    Never Changing again

    thumb Fer M.

      Marlene is prompt clean organized and very nice. She performs a great manicure and pedicure !!! It was a treat to have her and would defiantly call her again.

    thumb Ana L.